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3 months after the earthquake: HI helps Syrian children to overcome their trauma 05/05/23

Mohammed, Taim, Hosain are three of the young survivors receiving psychological support from HI’s partners after the deadly February earthquake in northwest Syria. These are their stories.

  • Syria

42,300 Sudanese refugees in Egypt: Humanitarian needs are severely increasing. 05/05/23

Up to 300,000 Sudanese are expected to cross the border and will need humanitarian assistance. HI is prepared to aid refugees and host communities. Donors are urged to prevent disaster.

  • Egypt

2015-2023: 8 years on, what has become of Sandesh who lost both legs in the earthquake? 04/20/23

Sandesh was only a teenager when he lost both of his legs in the earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015. Since then, HI teams have been supporting him as he rebuilds his life.

  • Nepal

At Kampong Cham, HI is changing lives through rehabilitation 04/12/23

Artificial limbs and braces, wheelchairs, physical and functional therapy… Every year, HI provides rehabilitation services to more than 1,500 patients at the Kampong Cham center.

  • Cambodia

Cultivating a better future: benefits for the whole community 04/11/23

In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the determination of Muamba Nkinda Jean Pierre and the support of HI are the perfect combination for this community facing a food crisis.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

In the Sahel, HI is helping women farmers cope with climate change 04/05/23

In Mali, drought and conflict are ravaging the region and threatening the population’s food security. HI is helping women farmers to improve their harvests.

  • Mali

In Mali, HI helps poor households to meet their own needs 04/05/23

In Mali, drought and conflict are ravaging the region and threatening the population’s food security. In Léré, HI is supporting poor households to gain financial independence.

  • Mali

Children conquer war wounds with rehabilitation, psychosocial support 03/30/23

More than a year after U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban seized control, Humanity & Inclusion's teams continue to work with civilians injured in conflict.

  • Afghanistan

Abd al-Rahman, two and half years old, displaced by the war, orphaned by the earthquake 03/28/23

Abd al-Rahman lost several members of his family in the earthquake on February 6 and he himself seriously injured. Two months later, he is still in one of HI’s partner hospitals in northwest Syria.

  • Syria

Elisabeth, an essential link between HI’s deminers and the population 03/28/23

Élisabeth, an HI community liaison agent, intervenes before, during and after the work of the demining teams. Her role is essential to ensuring the security of operations and the trust of the community.

  • Senegal

USAID’s physical rehabilitation activity gives children like Manju a leg up! 03/28/23

Manju was born in Dadeldhura, a hilly district in far west Nepal. Her foot and toes on her lower right leg were not fully grown, which prohibited her from walking. Things were so difficult for Manju that she couldn’t even attend infant school like other children.

  • Nepal

Thwol finds sense of belonging through rehabilitation, psychosocial support 03/27/23

Thwol, 60, had her leg amputated several years ago following complications from diabetes. At the Kalobeyei settlement in Kenya, Humanity & Inclusion offers her rehabilitation, an artificial limb and psychosocial support.

  • Kenya

Early detection becomes a ray of hope! 03/27/23

When a couple in Jajarkot, Nepal welcomed their first baby boy, Pascal, they couldn’t have been happier. Like most new parents, they experienced their fair share of worries. When they started noticing that their baby’s feet had some kind of abnormalities, they became increasingly concerned and worried that he may never be able to walk.


  • Nepal

World Cerebral Palsy Day | Taking action to include children with cerebral palsy 03/27/23

To mark World Cerebral Palsy Day on October 6, Humanity & Inclusion highlights the importance of providing care and treatment to children born with this life-long condition.

  • International

A stable foundation for Kakuma’s refugees 03/27/23

Since 2014, Humanity & Inclusion’s team in Kenya has provided rehabilitation services to people with disabilities and vulnerable individuals in Kakuma refugee camp.

  • Kenya


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