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Second wave of Covid-19 causes alarm in Nepal 03/27/23

The Covid-19 pandemic has plunged Nepal into a public health disaster. One of the poorest nations in Asia, it does not have the resources to cope. Humanity & Inclusion is ready to assist the most vulnerable people.

  • Nepal

Kennedy stands tall thanks to his 3D brace 03/27/23

Thanks to an innovative 3D-printing project, 5-year-old Kennedy can walk on his own and play with other children for the first time.

  • Uganda

After severe burn, Faiso regains the use of her right hand 03/27/23

Faiso’s right hand was burned severely by hot water in 2017, causing her to lose the ability to complete basic tasks like writing, bathing and getting dressed. Two years later, Faiso’s mother reached out to Humanity & Inclusion for support.

  • Kenya

Demining brings hope back to communities 03/24/23

Five years after the end of the Colombian armed conflict, tens of thousands of landmines are still threatening people's lives. More and more women are taking on the task of removing them.

  • Colombia

Sign language app opens new path to learning for Deaf children in Nepal 03/24/23

A new Nepali sign language learning app will support Deaf children develop pre-literacy, reading and basic sign language skills. The free app launched on September 23, in recognition of International Day of Sign Languages.

  • Nepal

“Is it possible to get back to a normal life?” 03/24/23

Elyas is a member of HI’s team in northwest Syria. He lived through the earthquake. He also took part in the emergency response put in place by HI. He shares his experience. 

  • Syria

“We are here to listen to people.” 03/24/23

What is psychological first aid? How do you approach someone in distress? How do you help them? Habib, a member of HI’s psychosocial support team, shares his expertise and experience.

  • Syria

New U.S.-funded project will clear mines from contaminated land in Cambodia 03/22/23

Three decades after the end of conflict, landmines and other explosive weapons continue to contaminate parts of Cambodia–making it unsafe for people to live and farm and limiting access to resources in some regions. These weapons remain an obstacle in more than 6,400 of Cambodia’s 14,300 villages.

  • Cambodia

With HI’s support, Wiliany’s autonomy is improving 03/14/23

Wiliany is a young Venezuelan girl living with a motor impairment. She is attending physical therapy sessions and HI has provided her with a new walking frame to help her get around her neighbourhood.

  • Venezuela

"I just want to live in dignity with my family” 03/13/23

"I have all the strength in the world!” This is how Khaled, a four-and-a-half-year-old ball of energy, welcomes HI’s team to his home.

  • Syria

Aicha, Hoda and Ibtisam help the most vulnerable populations. 03/13/23

Aicha, Hoda and Ibtisam are three of the twelve group user representatives at the Mousawat rehabilitation center in Central Beqaa, Lebanon.

  • Lebanon

HI is helping Mahmoud recover from his injuries 03/09/23

Mahmoud was injured in a bomb blast that left his left hand paralyzed. Since the bombing, he has been unable to speak. HI is helping him recover from his injury and trauma.

  • Lebanon

Injured by the war in Syria, this is Omar’s story. 03/08/23

Having had his leg amputated by shrapnel, Omar fled Syria with his family and is now living in Jordan where he has received physical rehabilitation treatment and a new prosthesis.

  • Syria

“I’m happy to have a job with such a noble mission" 03/08/23

Oleksandr Tatarintsev, Warehouse Supervisor at Atlas Logistics in Kharkiv explains the essential role of the logistics activities supported by the European Humanitarian Response Capacity (EHRC).

  • Ukraine

“Atlas Logistics responds very promptly to our requests” 03/08/23

Olga Komar, logistics specialist at Rights to Protection, explains how Atlas Logistics helps the organization thanks to the support of the European Humanitarian Response Capacity.

  • Ukraine


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