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“Many of the contaminated areas may have migrated" 02/17/23

HI’s global land release technical operations manager Gary Toombs explains how “the February 6th seism has significantly aggravated an already desperate situation.”

  • Syria

"I already have seven children. That's enough.” 02/16/23

Thanks to the sexual and reproductive health project supported by HI, Liva can finally make her own decisions when it comes to her family.

  • Madagascar

Bombs under the rubble 02/15/23

Risk education specialist Musab explains the situation in the Middle East regarding remnants of bombs and improvised explosives after the February earthquake.

  • Syria

“I fear the death toll will continue to rise...” 02/13/23

Sharif (name change) is a surgeon from a HI partner hospital in northern Syria near the Turkish border. He recounts what he has seen following the February 6 earthquake.

  • Syria

HI supports the communities in northern Syria affected by the earthquake 02/13/23

Myriam Abord-Hugon, HI's program director in Syria, explains HI's actions in response to the earthquake.

  • Syria

"Needs for long-term rehabilitation will be very high" 02/13/23

Amir is the director of an orthopedic and reconstruction HI partner hospital in Idlib, Syria, near the Turkish border. They received 680 injured people in 3 days.

  • Syria

“60% of our patients since Monday have no mobility devices.” 02/13/23

Sami (name change) manages a rehabilitation team in an hospital the Idlib region. He describes the dramatic situation after the earthquake.

  • Syria

“We sleep in the car as it seem the safest place so far” 02/13/23

Elyas (name change) is a member of the HI team in northwest Syria. He and his family experienced the devestating earthquake in early February. They are safe but still under shock.

  • International
  • Syria

After 12 years of war, HI continues to support Syrian refugees 02/06/23

Mariam is among the millions of Syrians, victims of the war, who have fled their country to seek refuge in Jordan or Lebanon. 

  • Syria

Violent earthquake kills thousands in the Middle East 02/06/23

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria the night of February 6th 2023. Already present in the region, HI launched an intervention to help the survivors.

  • Syria

Forida’s dream came true: To see her daughters play with the other children! 02/01/23

For the past four years, this Rohingya mother living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh has been able to count on the support of HI to help her two daughters with disabilities become more autonomous.

  • Bangladesh

Rehabilitation care critical for Haiti earthquake survivors 01/27/23

In Haiti, Humanity & Inclusion and its partners are providing rehabilitation care to people injured in the August earthquake. Some patients are healing from broken bones, while others are recovering from amputations.

  • Haiti

"It is really inspiring to see the kids I help go to school and become successful" 01/20/23

Ambika Sharma has been working as a prosthetist and orthotist for more than 10 years. We recently sat down with Ambika to see what life is like as a P&O in Nepal.

  • Nepal

Prabin receives his new prosthesis 01/19/23

Prabin, 6, lives in southeastern Nepal with his parents. Born without the lower part of his right leg, his prosthesis has changed his life. But he’s growing fast and it’s time for it to be replaced!

  • Nepal

Prabin knows no limits! 01/19/23

Prabin, 6, was born without the lower part of his right leg. HI met him 5 years ago when the family was referred to a rehabilitation center in Biratnagar. Since then, he’s come on leaps and bounds.

  • Nepal


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