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Working with dignity: Zawadi’s story 11/17/22

Zawadi is living in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, where she manages a small business. Through training and mentoring, HI helped her to cope with the effects of COVID-19 and expand her business activities.

  • Kenya

Jean Mario, an earthquake survivor, receives support from HI 11/17/22

Jean Mario Joseph was seriously injured in the earthquake that struck Haiti in August 2021. His right leg had to be amputated. Today, he is receiving physical rehabilitation and psychosocial support.

  • Haiti

HI supports malnourished children in Ethiopian refugee camp 11/16/22

In Ethiopia, children are increasingly facing food insecurity. HI uses stimulation therapy for malnourished children to prevent developmental delays.

  • Ethiopia

In Togo, HI helps twins Yentougle and Yenhame continue their education 11/14/22

Yentougle and Yenhame are 13-year-old twins. They both have vision impairments. Through HI's inclusive education project, they are receiving personalised support to help them continue their schooling.

  • Togo

“The floods destroyed all of our belongings” 11/14/22

HI provides 2000 emergency supply kits to the most vulnerable families affected by flooding in Pakistan.

  • Pakistan

Children with disabilities still excluded from school 11/10/22

As World Children’s Day 2022 approaches on November 20th, HI is calling attention to the high number of children still excluded from school because of a disability.

  • International

Assisting landmine victims 11/04/22

Assisting landmine victims is one of the principal obligations of the Ottawa Treaty. It is also one of HI’s founding principles. 

  • International

HI helps Gatluak Muon improve mobility and wellness 11/04/22

Gatluak Muon struggled with daily activities and felt isolated from his community. Thanks to physical rehabilitation with HI, he is already seeing progress.

  • Ethiopia

The line between periods of peace and violence is increasingly blurred 11/04/22

Perrine Benoist is Armed Violence Reduction Director at HI. She explains the progress of clearance, 25 years after the signature of the Ottawa Treaty against landmines.

  • International

40th Anniversary | Gneip's story: From landmine survivor to policy advocate 10/31/22

In 1982, two doctors working in refugee camps in Thailand started helping survivors of landmine explosions who had been injured fleeing across the heavily mined border. There they met Gniep, a young girl who had lost her leg after stepping on a landmine. Gniep was one of the first children ever supported by Humanity & Inclusion. This is her story.

  • International
  • Cambodia

A wheelchair for Freweyni 10/24/22

HI regional logistics manager, Tilahun Abebe, shares the highlight of his recent visit to Tigray, Ethiopia.

  • Ethiopia

Demining in Chaparral raises new hopes 10/24/22

Since October 2021, HI has been conducting humanitarian demining operations in El Cañón de Las Hermosas in Colombia, allowing communities to regain the use of their land.

  • Colombia

Abdel, victim of a landmine: “Thanks to my prosthesis, my life has changed!” 10/19/22

Abdel was 16 years old when he lost his leg in a landmine explosion. HI has helped him rebuild his life.

  • Yemen

“Weapons more advanced, mutilating and destructive than I’ve ever witnessed” 09/26/22

Gaëlle Smith, HI’s emergency rehabilitation specialist, went to Ukraine to support the local teams in the country. She tells us about her experience.

  • Ukraine


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