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In Niger, severe weather events destroyed people's homes and crops 05/30/23

Torrential rain and violent hailstorms: extreme weather events are a threat to people like Ali, 76, who lost his home and his harvest in 2021. HI provided him with an emergency shelter.

  • Niger

Protecting lives through explosive ordnance risk education in Ukraine 05/24/23

Olga Savchenko, explosive ordnance risk education project manager and Kaitlin Hodge, armed violence reduction specialist in Ukraine, explain how Humanity & Inclusion is raising the population’s awareness of the dangers linked to explosive devices and bombings.

  • Ukraine

Inclusive education helps children like Mahamadou dream big 05/24/23

Mahamadou is 13 years old and lives in Niger. He dreams of becoming a doctor and saving lives. HI is supporting him so that he can go to school in good conditions and fulfill his dreams.

  • Niger

“If I had stayed in my shelter, I would be dead now” 05/23/23

Cyclone Mocha hit Bangladesh and Myanmar on Sunday, 14 May. Our teams are currently assessing the damage and needs in Cox's Bazar refugee camps.

  • Bangladesh

Malika dreams of quality education for all 05/19/23

Malika is ten years old and lives in Maradi, Niger. She has a visual disability and, with the support of HI, she is now in third grade at school and is making great progress.

  • Niger

Massalouka’s smile is a victory over malnutrition 05/19/23

As a consequence of malnutrition, Massalouka, aged two and half, could not sit up on her own because of muscle weakness. Today, thanks to HI's rehabilitation services in Niger, she is making amazing progress.

  • Niger

Cyclone Mocha leaves fear and anxiety in its wake 05/17/23

HI offers psychological first aid to help people feel recognized, valued, and safe after Cyclone Mocha hits Bangladesh.

  • Bangladesh

"Nowadays, anything can be mined, even a pillow!" 05/17/23

Svitlana took part in an explosive ordnance and bombing awareness session organized by HI in Ukraine. This is her story.

  • Ukraine

Cyclone Mocha may hit world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh 05/12/23

Mocha may hit the border area of Bangladesh and Myanmar on sunday 14th May. Concerns are very high regarding Cox’s Bazar refugee camps, where 1 million Rohingya are living.

  • Bangladesh

Demining in complex and dangerous environments, the example of Syria 05/11/23

In Raqqa, HI has been conducting underwater operations to locate, identify and remove explosive weapons. Thanks to these operations, the inhabitants now have access to drinking water again.

  • Syria

Growing coffee on land free of mines 05/10/23

It took 10 years for Justiniano, a farmer in Colombia, to feel safe when walking on and cultivating his land. Thanks to HI’s demining operations, his coffee plantation is now flourishing.

  • Colombia

Ayham lost his entire family in Syria earthquake 05/09/23

Ayham has been receiving psychological and rehabilitation care from HI and its partners since the earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey on February 6.

  • Syria

3 months after the earthquake: HI helps Syrian children to overcome their trauma 05/05/23

Mohammed, Taim, Hosain are three of the young survivors receiving psychological support from HI’s partners after the deadly February earthquake in northwest Syria. These are their stories.

  • Syria

42,300 Sudanese refugees in Egypt: Humanitarian needs are severely increasing. 05/05/23

Up to 300,000 Sudanese are expected to cross the border and will need humanitarian assistance. HI is prepared to aid refugees and host communities. Donors are urged to prevent disaster.

  • Egypt

2015-2023: 8 years on, what has become of Sandesh who lost both legs in the earthquake? 04/20/23

Sandesh was only a teenager when he lost both of his legs in the earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015. Since then, HI teams have been supporting him as he rebuilds his life.

  • Nepal


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