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Kennedy walks with 3D-printed braces, rehabilitation care 08/08/23

Kennedy has cerebral palsy. After years of being unable to stand or walk, braces and physical therapy have helped him achieve incredible progress.

  • Uganda

Dania is proud to contribute to her community’s development 08/07/23

In Cuba, Humanity & Inclusion is helping residents prepare for potential natural disasters and strengthen their autonomy and resilience. Dania has received support for her farm.

  • Cuba

HI helps Hajar find more than a job 08/04/23

Hajar has a visual disability caused by a degenerative eye disease. She tells about her life in Morocco and how Humanity & Inclusion helped her find a job.

  • Morocco

Rema fitted with an artificial limb six months after earthquake 08/03/23

After a powerful earthquake struck Türkiye and Syria in February, Rema was trapped under the rubble of her home. Found alive after 30 hours, rescue workers had to amputate her leg. She shares her experience.

  • Syria

'6 months after the earthquake our patients are like part of the family' 08/02/23

Salahedin is the director of Aqrabat Hospital, Humanity & Inclusion’s partner in northwest Syria. The hospital's staff has treated more than 1,500 earthquake survivors.

  • Syria

Mental health support restores hope for refugees seeking safety in Uganda 08/01/23

In Uganda, with funding from ECHO, Humanity & Inclusion is helping refugees who have experienced traumatic events to heal and improve their psychosocial well-being.

  • Uganda

'I regained my speech after receiving psychosocial support' 07/31/23

In Uganda, with funding from ECHO, Humanity & Inclusion is providing refugees who have experienced traumatic events with physical rehabilitation care and mental health support.

  • Uganda

Inclusive education at HI 07/28/23

In 2022, Humanity & Inclusion launched 43 projects exclusively dedicated to inclusive education, particularly in Mali and Rwanda.

  • Rwanda
  • Mali
  • Kenya

Living with brittle bone disease, Venezuelan refugee pursues her dreams 07/27/23

Michelle is a teenager with brittle bone disease. She came to Colombia looking for medical care. An adapted wheelchair has helped her pursue her dreams.

  • Colombia

Typhoon Doksuri (Egay) hits the Philippines 07/27/23

Super Typhoon Doksuri slammed the northern Philippines on Wednesday, July 26, killing at least 5 people and displacing nearly 27,000. Humanity & Inclusion is assessing the situation.

  • Philippines

Dedicating his life to mine clearance: the journey of Aki Ra, a former child soldier 07/26/23

13 years after the trial of “Comrade Duch,” the Khmer Rouge torturer convicted of crimes against humanity, a former child soldier turned deminer tells his story.

  • Cambodia

Economic inclusion at HI 07/25/23

In 2022, Humanity & Inclusion operated 75 projects on economic inclusion, including in Niger and Madagascar.

  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Madagascar

Frostbitten in a cellar, hiding from bombs in Ukraine 07/12/23

Vadim spent the winter hiding in a cellar in Bakhmut, where the deadliest battle of the war in Ukraine was waged. He developed severe frostbite in his legs, requiring amputations.

  • Ukraine

Souleymane wants children with disabilities like him to access education 07/06/23

Souleymane, who has a visual disability, is studying with adapted teaching materials supplied by Humanity & Inclusion. When he grows up, he dreams of becoming a teacher and making schools more inclusive.

  • Niger

After airstrike spinal injury, Fatima dreams of walking again 06/28/23

Fatima Ahmed Arj, 20, was paralyzed from the waist down after her family’s apartment in west Mosul was hit by an airstrike in March 2017, causing damage to her spine.

  • Iraq


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