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Nepal earthquake: Reaching remote communities affected by the monsoon 08/26/15

Four months after Nepal was struck by an earthquake, over 2.8 million people are still in need of help. Handicap International continues to support vulnerable people in remote communities that have become increasingly inaccessible due to the monsoon.

  • Nepal

Renato: back at home and back to work 08/24/15

Renato, his wife, and their six children are finally back at home in their newly-repaired house. It has been over one year since typhoon Haiyan, one of the most severe typhoons in history, swept across the Philippines killing almost 8,000 people and destroying many homes, including Renato’s. His family is one of 200 households to have benefited from a project implemented by Handicap International in the province of Leyte, which aims to help with the reconstruction process.  Thanks to Handicap International, the head of the household has been able to return to work.

  • Philippines

Game-changing developments in the fight against Ebola 08/19/15

A drop in new cases, the start of the rainy season, and prospects for a possible vaccine have changed the way the campaign against the Ebola virus is being fought. Recently back from Sierra Leone, Jérôme Besnier, the director of our Ebola program, tells us more about this changing context.

  • Sierra Leone

New set of standards to support age and disability inclusive humanitarian response 08/19/15

Around the world, about 1 in 8 people are over the age of 60, and 15% of the world population is living with some kind of disability. In emergencies, older people and people with disabilities thus make up a significant part of the affected population. Moreover, the risk of disability often increases as a result of conflict or natural disaster, due to injuries and poor health care. For example, a survey by HelpAge and Handicap International found that 22% of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon had an disability.

  • International

“I’d like Handicap International to help other children going through the same ordeal” 08/17/15

Glody, 2, lives in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He was born with a neck deformity the size of a football, which made even the slightest movements difficult. With support from Handicap International, Glody has now been operated on. He attends rehabilitation sessions and has got the spring back in his step.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo

Meet Peter: A young children’s rights advocate and probably a future politician and sports champion 08/12/15

Peter lives in Trans-Nzoia County, western Kenya. Although only 15, he is highly driven and a committed member of his community. Peter, who is deaf and uses sign language, is a sports captain and often top of his class. The ambitious young man is also playing a leading role in Handicap International’s Ubuntu Care project, fighting to eradicate sexual violence against children.

  • Kenya

“The schools closed because of Ebola and I really missed it” 08/07/15

Fanta, 8, lives with her parents and her little brother in Kono district, Sierra Leone. Last year, she went to school for the very first time. But the Ebola virus closed schools across the country, including hers.

  • Sierra Leone

“This is my third prosthesis. It has helped me find work again.” 08/04/15

In 2013, Nak, 15, stepped on a mine while he was working as a wood-cutter in the forest. For a teenage boy whose survival depends on his physical skills, the subsequent loss of his leg was a very real tragedy. The prostheses provided by Handicap International and his enrolment on an occupational training course have renewed his faith in the future.

  • Cambodia

Cluster munitions remain in use five years after the ban convention entered into force 08/01/15

1st August 2015 is the 5th anniversary of the entry into force of the Oslo Convention banning the use, production, stockpiling and transfer of cluster munitions. Despite the clear success of the convention, which has been signed by 117 countries to date, cluster munitions were still being used in conflicts in 2015.

Erlinda is looking forward to a brighter future with her 14 piglets 07/24/15

When Typhoon Haiyan tore across the Philippines in November 2013, Erlinda was left without a means to earn her livelihood. As part of Handicap International’s livelihood project, she was given a sow in October 2014 and trained to manage this value resource. Since then, Erlinda has made a lot of progress and now has a brand new pigsty and 14 piglets.

  • Philippines

Nepal: Supporting thousands of people affected by the earthquake 07/24/15

More than 8,800 people were killed and over 22,000 were injured in the earthquake, which struck Nepal in April 2015. Nearly one million homes were also destroyed or damaged.

  • Nepal

Meet Irma: The landmine survivor turned educator 07/24/15

Irma was 11 when her life changed forever. She was out gathering wood to make brooms which her family sold to make a living. Suddenly, there was a loud explosion.

  • Colombia

Halima: “My daughter can finally move forward” 07/17/15

Halima, 9, lives with cerebral palsy. She finds everyday things - gripping a pen, keeping her back straight, coordinating her movements - a challenge. Thanks to Handicap International, this young Somalian girl has a wheelchair and now benefits from rehabilitation sessions. Halima is keeping up her efforts and becoming more self-reliant.

  • Kenya

Khendo and Nirmala: Friendship and rehabilitation 07/17/15

Meet 6-year-old Khendo and Nirmala, 7, from Nepal. They first met at Bir Hospital in Kathmandu after they both tragically lost a leg in the earthquake that struck the country in April 2015. For the last three months they have laughed together, gone through their rehabilitation together and awaited their new artificial limb legs together. In that time they have formed a very special bond.

  • Nepal


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